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LKFFCT Gets Spicy with Cayenne

// Music, Review // May 10, 2018 // Adam

Album reviews are at times difficult to write for a number of different reasons.  One reason is that when music is good, it tends to not be so easily defined or explained.  Shitty music is derivative of something else and can be summed up by saying its shoegaze, or pop-punk, or metal, or better yet, it sounds like The Smiths or “is influenced by” Radiohead.  Of course, that’s a diminutive point of view that good, truly original music cannot be lumped in with.  Another instance is when a piece of music transcends being just music and instead represents something larger than itself.  The bad news for me is that both of these things are true for LKFFCT‘s latest EP, Cayenne, released back in April.  The good news for you is that its got some fucking bangers.

Cayenne comes out a short six months after LKFFCT’s last full length release, Dawn Chorus.  While still a very well received album, Dawn Chorus marked a turn in direction from LKFFCT’s rowdy, irreverent vibe that had been established in their previous releases and instead was a more sincere work that cut out a lot of the irony and wackiness that fans had come to expect.  Cayenne manages to walk the tight rope between the two styles and the result is nine minutes of hard rocking jams that can both be taken seriously and enjoyed while never teetering too far in either direction.

Despite their growth and evolution over the past few years, LKFFCT still continues to capture the spirit of New Jersey DIY, which after six years of LKFFCT releases and another four years as Washington Square Park before that is an increasingly impressive accomplishment.  The collective ability of Max Rauch, Keith Williams, Brian Legentil, and Ryan Baredes to maintain this level of creativity and to approach their songwriting and live performances with such tenacity over such a long period of time is perfhaps the impressive quality that cuts through on Cayenne.

The EP is out now, and has been for a minute, on Sniffling Indie Kids and can be streamed on BandCamp and Spotify.

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.