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Kult of Mary is Mighty Fine

// Music, Review // June 6, 2017 // Adam

On May 30, Kult of Mary released their second EP Mighty Fine, and if you’ll excuse me for making the lazy joke, the EP is, in fact, might fine.  This is Kult of Mary’s second release on Mint 400 Records, following the 2016 release Double Dope.  Might Fine is a four song EP that clocks in under ten minutes, but just like you were taught in your high school health class, it’s the quality, not quantity that really matters.

Kult of Mary excels in delivering “no bullshit rock n roll.”  This album sounds like the best parts of 1977 and 1991 in all the best possible ways.  It’s that kind of classic, low-fi punk fused with low, ripping thrash.  Back to the roots in its purest form; grimy, dark, and muddled with a straight, hard, and fast delivery.  Save the glitz and glamor.  Fuck your feelings.  Kult of Mary doesn’t have time for any of it. 

Still, that’s not to say the band doesn’t showcase their talents.  When the guitars are cut loose, they shred like you wouldn’t believe.  The finest moments of this are in the second track “All I See is Red,” in which most of the second minute of the two-minute song is a raging guitar solo or in “All I Need is Gas and Weed,” where the solo kicks in right after the first two-line verse.  Still, these moments never feel superfluous and, due to the short composition of each song, are abbreviated so that they never drag on to the point of being meaningless or to where they would lose their impact.

Mighty Fine straight up rocks and is a worthy addition for any old school punk or hardcore fan.  The EP is streaming right now on Spotify.  I guarantee that you’ll be head banging thirty second in to “Anti-Social” and worshipping Satan by the end of “Dissodance.”

Written by Adam

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