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Junkanoo’s Mother Nasty is Certified Funky Fresh

// Music, Review // February 16, 2018 // Adam

You know what nobody wants?  More albums that sound just like everything else.  Oh, you’re revisiting Dookie-era Green Day?  It’s weird nobody else has ever thought to do that.  Instead, you know what everybody wants?  An album that’s so goddamn fresh there’s nothing else that sounds even remotely like it.  And that is exactly what we got with the new Junkanoo EP Mother NastyThis album is so goddamn fresh it’s locally-sourced, free-range, organic, gluten free, GMO free, and never frozen, just the way good music should be.

Junkanoo’s unique sound is largely attributed to their unusual instrumentation which features Ailed Hernandez and Nicole Santana as dual vocalists, Emily Skinner and Naomi Smith as dual bassists (yes you read that right), and Rebecca Alleman on drums with no guitarist.  This lineup allows the band to create some really interesting melodies and harmonies.

Mother Nasty is also stylistically very diverse across the tracklist.  The first track, “Your Baby Ate My Sandwich,” is a pretty straight indie rock song that starts slowly highlighting the harmonized vocals and slowly builds to a climax at the end.  “Alive and Well” continues along a similar tone, but allows the bass to be featured with a more soulful line and features the most infectious chorus of the album, where Hernandez and Santana sing “I am not your lover/ I am not your friend” atop a heavy driving beat from Alleman on the skins.

“Mama’s Got the Nasty Jam” tells you everything you need to know in the title alone.  The bass takes you for a funky walk that’ll have you shakin’ your ass just the way your mama taught ya.  The album closes with “Aftermath” and “Pussy Grabs Back,” which are absolute bangers.  But while the last two tracks have such a different feel from the rest of the EP, especially in contrast to the first two, the steady progression through the album creates a cohesion so that no song ever feels out of place.

Mother Nasty is out now and can be picked up from the band’s Bandcamp page and you can also check them out live on February 24 at QXT’s in Newark sharing a stage with Whiner, Daddies, and Tiers.

Written by Adam

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