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J.K. Lago are So Good, So Far

// Music, Review // October 19, 2017 // Carrie

J.K. Lago released their first, eponymous EP back in February of this year, and it is a killer debut from the trio out of Hamilton Township. After listening to it, I couldn’t nail down the exact genre – which I mean in the best possible way. Part surf, part blues, part funk, J.K. Lago carefully plucks out the best bits of so many different types of music and combines them to deliver this chill, varied EP filled with surprises.

As their first single suggests, J.K. Lago is so good, so far.

True to its name, “Bulldozer” will bowl you over with six and a half minutes of pedal-heavy guitar, pounding drums, and slightly muted vocals. Moving fluidly through different styles, J.K. Lago shows off their range and creativity—a perfect introduction to their sound.

Next, sink into “Foolin’ around,” a languid, bluesy trip through the EP’s more melancholy side. But don’t get comfortable, because “So good, So far” will have you feeling so good again, with perky backup vocals and a cheery beat. Simple chord progressions complement the hopeful, bubblegum feel of this track. After such a range of songs, “Sweet Spots” feels transcendent, with its tender, simple acoustic-guitar-and-vocals combination setting you gently back on the ground to end this dynamic EP.

This solid debut will make your day a thousand percent better, I promise. Listen to J.K. Lago on Bandcamp or SoundCloud, and catch them at the N.J. Racket / Hook Journal Cross Promotion show on Saturday, October 21st.

Written by Carrie

Carrie is N.J. Racket's copy editor and contributor of many album and EP reviews. She also has a puppy named Halo and loves Mac N Cheese.