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Hollow-Eyed Preaches The Gospel According to Spiders

// Music, Review // May 29, 2018 // Cozz

Before I played music or knew anyone in the New Jersey music scene I knew who Nick Jorgensen was because his younger brother was one of my closet friends in high school. (fuck you Evan).  Anyways one day I was hanging out at Garret Mountain in Paterson and I accidentally found a geocaching box in between some rocks. When I opened the box I found this little print out of some bands bandcamp and for some reason I had a feeling that it was Nick’s band. When I got home I searched Hollow-Eyed on the ol’ Internet, and sure enough it was Nick Jorgensen’s band.  Of course, now I know them all, so I can it’s also Ryan Treppedi, Nick Sudol, and Dan Nagano-Gerace’s band. So here we are 3 years later and I want to tell you all that their new-ish Album The Gospel According to Spiders rips!

The week Hollow-Eyed released the single “Boss Dot.” I had put it on during my 5 am commute to work, which was clearly way to early to process the insanity going on in this song.  I remember going into work and saying something to my coworker Jill, former roommate of singer Ryan, along the lines “Yo, I didn’t realize how chaotic Ryan’s voice is when he sings” which in hindsight seems like a diss but this song just hit me like a freight train there’s so much going on, then when the entire album came out it knocked me out. I immediately messaged Ryan and said I wanted to write this article and as soon as I got home from work I would do so, but then I ended up going to some Greek restaurant ate a lamb gyro drank a lot of blue moons and now here we are a month and week later!

The Gospel According to Spiders was released on Friday the 13th I think that’s fitting to the record because there’s this overall vibe of spookiness and horror on this record from the album cover to the instrumentation and lyrical moments that sound like some sort of dark prayer or chant, a good example of this is during the song Dog. Through out the record the lyrics consist of dark imagery as the opening lines of Bramblekon state, “ somebody’s ghost has been scratin an itch. I’ve been dying to reach but my fingers wont grow to feel the pain, I know where it is.”  Also if I’m going to talk about lyrics I would like to mention that in Glass in Foot Ryan lists of animals and it reminds me of the theme song of the Fairly Odd Parents, when Timmy Turner says “Large Fries Chocolate Shake!” Lets try it out, Scorpions, Dogs and snakes, Large fries Chocolate shake! See it works, I hope never in a million years anyone compares a post hardcore band to the Fairly Odd Parents Theme song or someone will get Jorgensen vonstrangled.

Anyways the thing I like about this record overall is it’s sporadic, and full of surprises. Through out the record you there are times when you think you are going to here this nice melodic catchy hook and instead these destructive guitar squeals come in to reverse your perspective. Then the inverse of that also happens a lot,  they have these crazy build ups through instrumentation that you would think are going to lead into some dissonant noise solo kind of thing, but then comes in a catchy hook that you can sing along to. This record is great because it keeps you on your feet, it’s scary, catchy, and at times stressful but it’s a ride worth taking. Stop into your local FYE and pick up a copy today!

Written by Cozz

Cozz is a local musician, artist, and skater, who decided that he wasn’t doing enough cool shit and decided to join the N.J. Racket team.