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Haunt Club Volume One is the Stuff of Nightmares in the Best Possible Way

// Music, Review // December 29, 2017 // Adam

About a month ago, the New Jersey indie scene was introduced to Haunt Club, comprised of Anthony Yebra, Stephen Omark, Erik Romero, and Tim Pannella.  The band’s debut album, aptly titled Volume One, was jointly released by Sniffling Indie Kids and Beware, Vampire Rats, which had both released works by band members previous projects, dollys and The North American, respectively. Since the album’s release, Haunt Club has been receiving pretty wide acclaim and have shared a stage with some of the scene’s best artists, including Deal Casino, Toy Cars, Smock, Delicate Flowers, and Weakened Friends.

Haunt Club has a unique style in which the music is very raw, emotional, intense, and intelligent to create an atmosphere that is eerie and uncomfortable.  Volume One is not chill, fun, easy-listening bullshit.  These jams are fucking heavy, made for you in your dark place, home alone with the lights out and curtains drawn.  The first track of the album, “Ghosts,” sets the tone right from the start with lyrics “Did she really hang herself up in the living room/ I bet she thinks that it still haunts you/ I never got to tell you how I felt that day/ I regret every word I could not say.”  This album is about some of the darkest times in life; its about regret, scars, pain, ghosts, and (appropriately) all the things that haunt us.  This album is fucking for real.

The band has also released a music video, which is every bit as creepy and uncomfortable as you’d expect for a song titled “Ghosts.”  The video features rapidly transitioning eerie, surrealist clips that coincide with the pacing and tone of the music which enhances the encompassing shock and horror experience.  Don’t watch this video if you’ve eaten some mushrooms or else you’re gonna have a bad time.  If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself below.

Haunt Club will be playing at the Asbury Park Yacht Club TONIGHT for a free show with Deal Casino.  If you haven’t checked out this band yet, there’s no better time than a 5 degree night out on the Asbury boardwalk.

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.