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Fire is Motion Releases “Still, I Try”

// Music, Review // November 22, 2017 // Adam

I need to be honest with you people.  This is a confession that I’ve made before, but I feel is worth repeating.  I am neither a journalist or musician.  I do not know what I’m talking about half the time.  I’m sure that most of you are not the least bit surprised.  The point being, sometimes an album comes around that is so artistic, so technical, so complex that my immediate reaction is “ah fuck, I’m gonna look like a jackass trying to review this.”  Thank you to Fire is Motion for making me look like that jackass once again with their new EP, Still, I Try.

Lead by singer/songwriter/guitarist Adrian Amador, Fire is Motion has masterfully crafted this EP with five dense tracks that offer the listener a fully encompassing experience from start to finish.  With Still, I Try, the journey is conveyed equally through the vivid imagery of the narrative vocals as well as the dynamic and layered music that utilizes shifts in tone and intensity to maintain the kinematic feel of an album that may otherwise feel slow.  Of course, this expertise in engineering and production has also come to be expected of Adam Cichocki of Timber Studios (Hodera, American Lions, Toy Cars).

The lyrics are powerfully touching and accessible on a wide spectrum of emotional relevancy and often with conflicting emotions conveyed simultaneously.  “How Long to Get Home” offers this both hopeful, yet sobering verse, “One day you’ll find it easy to leave/ And one day the door will be hard to close/ If life’s too short, my laces are tied/ Tomorrow is a better day to die.”  “Ringside” regretfully recounts the mistakes and misfortune of a love lost and the lasting, unshakable effects of such, in that “Love; it distracts me, it destroys me/ Still, I wait by the ringside.”  Amen, brother.

Still, I Try is a great accomplishment for Fire is Motion and is an album that really should be a must listen.  On the band’s Bandcamp you can stream the album and also order the album on cassette from Montreal-based label, Stack Your Roster.  Fire is Motion was scheduled to perform at the Starland Ballroom on December 29, but unfortunately, due to some news we’re all aware of, I’m not sure what will be happening now, BUT please be sure to keep an ear out for upcoming shows from Fire is Motion.  At the Teenage Halloween album release they even broke out some Slayer covers (wink).


Written by Adam

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