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Exclusive Single Premiere: “Overthinking” by Rocky and the Chapter

// Feature, Music // June 9, 2017 // Adam

It is an honor to bring you all this single and B-side fresh from Rocky and the Chapter, released courtesy of Sniffling Indie Kids.  “Overthinking,” the A-side of the single, was originally written and recorded during the Aye sessions, while the B-side, “Contractor,” is a Lamb of God cover that frontman Rocky Catanese wrote while he was working as a roadie on tour with the band.

“Overthinking” is a track that sounds and feels different from a lot of other Rocky and the Chapter music in that it relies less on the heavy guitar, driving four-bar, riff rock that the band does so well, but is instead rather light and sweet, like coffee with lots of milk and sugar because you don’t give a damn if anyone’s judging you, there’s a song in your heart and you gotta let it out damnit!  In fact, the song was originally based on an old melody Catanese had written and named “Death Cab for Dummies.”  Ultimately, the band felt the song didn’t mesh well enough to be included in their EP, Aye, released last fall, but still, the tune was too good to be left for dead on the cutting room floor, so is instead being released as a stand-alone single.

As you might imagine, “Contractor” has a bit more involved back story, as Lamb of God isn’t exactly the first band you’d associate with Jersey’s own Rocky and the Chapter, but while working on tour for the band, Lamb of God lead singer Randy Blythe dared Catanese to write an acoustic cover of the song.  Catanese rose to the challenge, as you’d expect him to, and recorded the cover at Patch House in Hollywood out in Hunterdon County (just kidding, Hollywood is in California).  Of course, the acoustic cover sounds very different from the thrash metal original, but is a dark and brooding rocker all the same and a really fun and unique B-side.

Give both “Overthinking” and “Contractor” a listen or two (or twelve) and while you’re at it, give the rest of their discography a spin, streaming on BandCamp and Spotify.

Written by Adam

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