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Decoration’s More Piles is Everything You Need

// Music, Review // June 30, 2017 // Adam

More Piles, by New Brunswick punks Decoration, is the type of album you didn’t know you were missing until you got it, and now you can’t live without it.  These tunes and riffs have a way of burrowing inside your brain and listening to this album becomes another involuntary habit, like biting your nails, smoking a cigarette, drunk texting your ex at 3am.  Looping More Piles over and over all day just becomes something you need to do. 

Decoration is a true pop-punk band, with an emphasis on the punk, and no emphasis on heavy eyeliner or having someone else write their songs.  Some songs, such as the titular track “More Piles,” feature lighter, floaty verses with digestible and anthemic lyrics, like “Drifting in and out of consciousness/ Reflecting on the time I’ve spent/ Thinking about wasting it” which has a flow to it.  Whereas the one hundred second song “Pet” has much shorter, staccato lines “I can play/ And behave/ But I’m wild/ I will come/ And I’ll stay/ But I’m wild.”

This trio of Jeff Hersch, Billy Palka, and Jake Rasor has serious chemistry and packs a fucking wallop for a three-piece band.  They have such a tight sound, that even at the fastest tempos, the music never feels rushed or frantic, but remain steady, straight ahead bangers that will you up and dancing whether you’re at a show or home alone in your underwear.

More Piles is available now on cassette (fuck yeah, cassette!) on the band’s BandCamp page, courtesy of State Champion Records and you can check out Decoration tonight (June 30) at the Newark Index Art Center, along with Secretary Legs, Babe Sandwich, and Erotica, as well as on July 9 at Monty Hall for the State Champion Records Launch Party, with Spowder and Snakeskin.

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.