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Cut Loose with The Hannas

// Music, Review // January 9, 2018 // Carrie

You can always tell when a band genuinely loves making music, and The Hannas are definitely one of those bands. Their new EP, Cut Loose, is energetic, creative, and so cool that it made me way friggin cooler just by listening to it. Not that it takes a lot.


“Porcelain Hugs” starts things off hard with pounding drums, raging guitars, and Joey J.’s tongue-trippingly fast vocals. The Hannas keep the energy up the whole way through with tracks like “Agree/Disagree,” which really lets Ryan Yobs and Will Freeman go nuts on guitar and bass, while “Goin’ Out Tonight” adds a more rockabilly-punk sound, with a manic tempo from drummer Nick Marinelli and cheery backup vocals that make it impossible to sit still during this song.

But the joy these guys find in music is best shown on the titular track “Cut Loose” – it’s punk, but also a little pop and a little bluesy, and it hooks you with its catchy refrain, “And the beat goes on and on and on and on.” Seriously, try to sit still while you listen to this song. It pulls you in and makes you cut loose, whether you want to or not, but then again, why wouldn’t you?

“Bad Juju” finishes up the EP strong with relentless guitars and ends the EP with Joey saying, “Hey. What are you still doing here? Don’t you get it? The show’s over. Just go home.” Clearly people just can’t get enough of The Hannas, and if you haven’t listened to this EP already, you should stop what you’re doing right now and go listen to it ASAP as possible.

Written by Carrie

Carrie is N.J. Racket's copy editor and contributor of many album and EP reviews. She also has a puppy named Halo and loves Mac N Cheese.