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The Clydes Get Better and Better So The Story Goes

// Music, Review // January 5, 2018 // Carrie

The Clydes’ newest album, So the Story Goes, released in October by Mint 400 Records, gave me something new to appreciate with every listen. Made up of brothers Brent and Brian Johnson, bassist/keyboardist Andrew Lord Chandler, and Madmardigan on drums, The Clydes offer nine tracks that get better and better the more you listen, just like a fine wine, or so the story goes.  Get it?

Throughout this album there’s the impression of sustained floating, particularly in “Broken Boy” and “The Vampire of Hanover,” thanks to keyboards and the killer guitars – present on every track, really. The effect is like taking a drive on a curvy road where you don’t know what’s coming up next, but you’re content to let the road take you.

Then there are songs like “Melody” which, as the name suggests, is a softer track with introspective lyrics, fading away on gentle horns. “Whale” drifts in with sounds of waves, joined soon by atmospheric guitar and soft drums. With rueful lyrics like, “Everybody knows the jester has no clothes/He’s slipping on another chance to play/And everybody sees there are no mysteries/He’s choking on the sand he used to spray/And tripping on another rainy day,” “Jueves” showcases the band’s exceptional songwriting, which is consistently poignant throughout.

But it’s the upbeat, almost manic tracks like “Heirloom Rage,” that reel you into this album and keep you listening. Shout along to a refrain of “Let me go, let me go down” in between Brian Johnson’s guitar solos on “Never Swim,” and then kick it to the sick beat of “Que,” which makes it impossible for even the most hipster of us to make it all the way through this song without grooving just a little bit.

Start off the new year right with So the Story Goes, available now on all streaming services and check out The Clydes’ sepia-drenched video for “Holly Speaks” embedded below.

Written by Carrie

Carrie is N.J. Racket's copy editor and contributor of many album and EP reviews. She also has a puppy named Halo and loves Mac N Cheese.