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Can You See The Sky From Here is the Cure for Your Childhood Trauma

// Music // January 5, 2017 // Adam

               Serious Matters, from Union Beach, has burst on the scene like a battering ram through a trap house with their debut EP, Can You See The Sky From Here.  This five-piece ensemble has been together for less than a year, but they attacked this album and scene with a tenacity of a far more experienced band.  These six tracks are nonstop, full-throttle, ass kicking.  I’ve been in a neck brace for over a week from banging my head so hard listening to this album.  It was worth it.

                Can You See The Sky From Here is plain and simple, just a good fucking hard rock album.  It sounds better loud.  Your head doesn’t bop, it bangs.  You let your hair down for this one.  This album sounds the way the combination of blood, sweat, and whiskey smells.  If that last statement made any sense to you, at all, stop reading this review and go listen to it right now.  This is for you.

                The guitars are as violent and aggressive as that bully from second grade that was the reason you got into emo music in the first place.  Tim Vecci’s vocals are everything you loved about that classic emo sound.  The high-pitched screams and the slow, almost nasally delivery keeps you hanging on every pained word.  Serious Matters asks the hard questions in the simplest ways, like “In Eyes Wide Shut,” the chorus echoes, “Living in a dream/ Where is home?”  The crashing cymbals sound like that same bully smashing your head into the locker.  You black out for a second, elbows flying, feet kicking.  Now you’re in the mosh pit at the next Serious Matters show, screaming along to “Vacant,” “You can run but you can’t hide/ I’m sending shivers down your spine.”

                Check out this album now, while you can still say that you were a fan of Serious Matters in their first year, before they were cool, or at least before everyone else caught on that they were cool.

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.