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Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son Release Timeless “Empty Passenger Seats”

// Music, Review // August 30, 2017 // Adam

I’ll preface all of this by saying that I’m not very cool.  I’m sure anyone that knows me or has caught me at a show has probably gotten that vibe, and if you haven’t had the distinct pleasure of making my acquaintance, just take my word for it.  But aside from just the whole generally not being cool thing, the thing that always makes me feel the most uncool is when I realize that kids that are younger than me are already way more talented and accomplished than I’ll ever be in my entire life.

On that note, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son released their new single “Empty Passenger Seats” this week and on the first listen somewhere after the first verse, I had that thought; next time I’m twenty-two, I’m wanna be like Bobby Mahoney.

This track is “New Jersey” in the truest ways.  It’s got a Springsteeny, Gaslight Anthemy vibe, with heart and soul well beyond Mahoney’s years and a guitar riff that’s just an all-out mother fucking rocker.  “Empty Passenger Seats” has that indescribable timeless quality to it that just makes it feel like an instant classic, that has a vintage feel without being dated.

There’s an unbelievable amount of energy in Mahoney’s music.  This is the type of jam you play air guitar to.  Shamelessly.  Like whether or not people are staring.  Fuck it.  You can be a rock star too.  Just like Bobby Mahoney.  You get in your wide stance, strum your cords, bang your head, throw a badass kick when the chorus hits so everybody knows what’s up.  That’s what this tune’s about.  Head banging, high kicking, speeding down the fucking highway with an empty passenger seat, being twenty-two years old and euphoria of your life not being over yet.

If you’re in the area, it’d be in your best interest to check out Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son tomorrow night at Asbury Park’s House of Independents, where they will be headlining a show also featuring A Boy Named John, The Vaughns, and Deaf Rhino.

Written by Adam

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