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Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son Make Statement with Eponymous EP

// Music, Review // April 3, 2018 // Carrie

After a year of heavy touring, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son have released their eponymous EP. With boundless energy, driving guitars, and catchy choruses that beg you to shout along, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son works to convey all the spirit of a live show by a band that truly seems to love what they do.

The band wastes no time getting down to business with “Empty Passenger Seats.” Mahoney’s growly vocals infuse just the right amount of punk-rock whine over the pounding drums and guitars, and leave this first track with a shouting refrain to get you pumped up—but don’t get too excited yet. Things are just getting started.

This EP feels nostalgic in a nice way, yet the lyrics are forward-thinking and optimistic. “Called it Quits” and “Lorraine” provide a slower, calmer interlude while maintaining the sharp attitude that runs through the EP as a whole. “It’ll never be the same, it’ll never be the same, Lorraine,” Mahoney sings, giving the listener the feeling that we are in a time of uncertainty and transition, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

“Roaring Twenties” reveals more of the introspective side of Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son. With a catchy, trilling lick, this track looks forward with optimism: “Here’s to the future, here’s to last-ditch dreams/And here’s to you, baby, and the Roaring Twenties.” These good feelings continue with the anthemic chorus of “Another Deadbeat Summer”: “Good night to the senoritas/And good night to the non-believers/And here’s to another deadbeat summer.” Guitar, keyboards, and sax combine with this fist-pumping refrain to whip the song into a frenzy, and you wonder how there can possibly be more after this stunner of a song.

The contrast going into the softer “Black and Milds” makes for an even more poignant picture of remembered details, Mahoney’s voice raw and expressive, unhindered. But even this emotional ballad wouldn’t be complete without a complete breakdown into musical hysteria at the end.

The EP closes out with three live tracks, including the live version of “Called it Quits.” The live versions of “New Age Outlaws” and “Leave it Frayed” spew forth all the energy your little punk rock heart could desire and give a little teaser of the dynamism these guys bring to live shows. Speaking of which, check them out on Sunday, April 8 OPENING FOR BON JOVI AT THE PRUDENTIAL CENTER, or if that’s not your speed, on April 13 at Asbury Park Yacht Club for what is pretty much guaranteed to be a super fun show. You are not going to want to miss Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, available now on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Written by Carrie

Carrie is N.J. Racket's copy editor and contributor of many album and EP reviews. She also has a puppy named Halo and loves Mac N Cheese.