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Anticitizen Makes Statement with Promo 2017

// Music, Review // August 7, 2017 // Adam

Anticitizen, from Hacketstown, NJ, released 2017 Promo back in May.  For a band that has been releasing music since 2013, this two track promo is a statement of reaffirmation of everything this group is about.

As the name would suggest, Anticitizen is an anarchist punk band, and if you believe it, they don’t sound super happy about the state of the world.  The first track, “Bricks Not Ballots,” is a riotous, fast paced ripper with rapid fire vocals that sound like they’re being fired from a machine gun.  The lyrics are violent and thought-provoking, as vocalist C.G. Vyle asks “Force-fed the illusion of freedom of choice/ We’re separate not equal don’t you wish you had a voice?”

“I Hate” skips the political message of “Bricks Not Ballots” and dives right into all the negative, widespread aggression that good punk music is famous for.  “I Hate” hits on all the things that seem to irk them, and it’s a metric fuck ton of shit.  Still, its a track you got to relate to with verses like “I’m sick of all the injustice/ I’m sick of all this prejudice/ I’m sick of these pigs out on the street/ Always there to profile me.”

Again, Promo 17 is the perfect reintroduction for Anticitizen.  If you weren’t familiar before, you sure as hell know what to expect from them now, and if you were, you remember what drew you to them in the first place.  And while you’re at it, be sure to check out previous releases Bootleg and Toil and Labor also available on Bandcamp.

Written by Adam

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