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Single Premiere: Trim Yr Limbs, by Glazer on State Champion Records

// Artists, Feature // August 8, 2017 // Adam

State Champion Records has bolstered their already impressive lineup with the addition of Glazer, longtime stalwarts of the New Brunswick DIY scene.  The band has been described as anything from post-pop to grunge, post hardcore to newgaze, which, if such contrasting descriptions mean anything at all, should speak to the truly original sound they have created.  

On a Prairie, Live in the Dirt, Glazer’s debut LP, was engineered by guitarist and vocalist Phil Connor at In The West, which also operates as a prominent live DIY venue in the industrial area of New Brunswick.  The album is “a diverse collection of tracks that can be ear-splitting and emotional, to ecstatic and memorable.”  After eight months of production, it is set to be released on August 25, but hopefully this first single, “Trim Yr Limbs,” will hold you over until then.

“Trim Yr Limbs” starts off with a heavy, sludgy riff that gradually builds over the first several seconds before giving way to a brighter counter melody.  The juxtaposition of tones continues to keep the listener guessing as Glazer refuses to conform to any genre clichés or stereotypes.  The lo-fi sound pays homage to the band’s DIY roots, a product of whichever basement in which it was conceived.

Vocals are introduced after the two-minute mark, long enough in to the point where you start to think maybe this might just be an instrumental track.  The composition is intricate enough to have sustained the melody on its own, but the late addition of the vocals, which are still less prominently featured than the dueling guitar riffs, exemplify Glazer’s songwriting ambition and range.

If you dig what you’re hearing from this first single (let’s be real, of course you did), you can catch Glazer on tour with Secretary Legs the weekend of August 25 through the 27 in York, Cambridge, and New Paltz, or at their album release show on September 3 back home in New Brunswick.

But, if you just can’t wait for August 25 to roll around, you can pre-order On a Prairie, Live in the Dirt NOW at statechampionrecords.com!

Written by Adam

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