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Ragged Lines Single Premiere: Rut

// Feature // September 5, 2017 // Adam

It’s always exciting when a new band prepares their first formal release, but it’s more exciting when the band is comprised of local scene veterans starting from scratch.  You don’t know exactly what to expect, other than expecting it to be good.  Such is the case of Ragged Lines.

Originally started as the duo of Carter Henry and Lucas Dalakian, Ragged Lines announced their arrival in the fall of 2016 with the release of a self-titled demo.  Now, a few weeks short of a year later, and with the addition of Matt Viani on drums, Ragged Lines looks forward to releasing their debut EP, Red Lights, Your Ghost, with the help of engineer/producer Erik Romero.  Today, we are fortunate enough to be able to premiere that EP’s first single, “Rut.” 

The track begins with some tonal dissonance and light, fluttery bells before unleashing the guitar riff.  Two primary themes are prevalent throughout the song, one being short, staccato guitar picking which echoes the bells from the song’s intro and the other being the hard rocking bridge and chorus, thumping heavy on the downbeat to inject energy into the music in abbreviated bursts.  “Rut” eventually comes to a close with a slow modulation and fades out with a soft guitar solo that remains reminiscent of the intro bells.

The internal juxtaposition and effects present in this single exemplify the expert songwriting and production conceived by the team of Ragged Lines and Romero.  Regarding the effectiveness of the songwriting, Dalakian said, “It’s really important to us to create a mood with each track, like a good movie scene. I’m really happy with the scene we were able to create.”  This single, and the rest of the EP for that matter, deliver every bit of the impact needed for a successful debut release, and I would expect that both the artists and the listeners will be very happy with the final product.

Following the release of Red Lights, Your Ghost on September 15 in Asbury Park, Ragged Lines will set off on a short tour through Philadelphia, New York, Reading and New Brunswick.


Written by Adam

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