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Hit Like A Girl – My Parent’s Basement Sessions

// Feature // March 9, 2018 // Adam

Finding true sincerity in songwriting is often like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand.  You know it, you see it, yet it still seems nearly impossible hold and obtain.  Nicolle Maroulis has found a way in their project Hit Like A Girl with the band’s debut release You Make Sense.  Hit Like A Girl started as a solo, acoustic act but in a short amount of time has evolved into a full band arrangement with a full and explosive sound. 

Still, despite the bigger sound, the core of Maroulis’ music remains the same.  The album has a unique tenderness that stands out immediately.  Maroulis’ vocals become the focal point above smooth, dream-like melodies.  The songs all have a genuinely personal feel to them, that as a listener you are able to connect with.  Maroulis’ comes across as an artist with something to say rather than an artist writing vocals for their own sake and cashing in every cliche in the book.  This album “makes sense” because it is so real.  The proof and validation of such are self evident.

Hit Like A Girl is already working on their next release, What Makes Love Last.  In preparation of that release, Maroulis caught up with the folks of My Parents’ Basement Sessions to record a live performance of a new single titled “Breathe You In.”  You can check out the video below.

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Photo by Michelle Rose Photography 

Written by Adam

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