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Bar None, Killing Horse, and Little Dickman Records Lineups for the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest

// Feature // August 14, 2017 // Adam

After weeks of anticipation, here we are at the final lineups announcement for the Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, which will be on September 23, at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City.  Fourteen bands have already been announced from Mint 400 Records and Sniffling Indie Kids.  As if that wasn’t enough, here are ten more bands from Bar None Records, Killing Horse Records, and Little Dickman Records.

Bar None Records

The Moms:

The pop-punk power trio The Moms have been kicking in New Jersey and across the country for several years now with their anthemic melodies.

Tom Barrett of Overlake:

Vocalist and Guitarist Tom Barrett from Jersey City’s own Overlake will be giving a solo performance that is sure to be whimsically overpowering and angelic.

Killing Horse Records

Cicada Radio:

The post-hardcore band Cicada Radio from Kearney is one of the most powerful bands on the scene, hitting audiences with a wall of sound coupled with Pat Keefe’s emotive and haunting vocals.

Desir Decir:

The Jersey City trio, led by the dance-able,  jangling guitar riffs and sing-along vocals of John Feuerback, have perhaps captured the spirit of New Jersey unlike any other band, with songwriting that is both emotional and tough, scrapping their way to the top.

Spicy Girl:

Not to be confused with The Spice Girls (that’s an entirely different show), Spicy Girl is one of Killing Horse Records newest artists who will be looking to make their mark at this year’s North Jersey Indie Fest.

TV Sound:

TV Sound made a statement with their 2016 release, Telecommando, that they are a band to take notice of with their straight ahead, no glitz and glam, rock and roll.

Little Dickman Records


The songwriting duo of Emily and Justin Bornemann have been taking over the Jersey Shore scene with their hypnotic surf-punk style jams and now have their sights set on bringing their talents to North Jersey.

Fruit and Flowers:

Art punk band Fruit and Flowers comes our way from Brooklyn with riotous energy and infectious beats.  This is a band possibly unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Psychiatric Metaphors:

Experimental band Psychiatric Metaphors willy truly be setting themselves apart at the festival with their dark, psychedelic jams.  If you’re looking for a band to give you an unbelievable,  mind expanding experience, look no further.

The Rock n Roll Hi-Fives

Such a rarity, The Rock n Roll Hi-Fives are a pop-punk family band, almost like the Patridge Family if Danny Bonaduce could kick your ass.  The Rock n Roll Hi-Fives are a fun live show experience that cannot be missed.

And here it is, after weeks of buildup, the complete lineup for the Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, in association with Mint 400 Records, Sniffling Indie Kids, Bar None Records, Killing Horse Records, and Little Dickman Records, and sponsored by Jonathan LeVine Projects and N.J. Racket.  The festival will be on September 23, at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City starting at 11am, open to all ages.  We hope to see you there!

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.