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Underlined Passages, Tandi My Dicafi Pre-Release Review

Turn those frowns upside down kids! Jamaal Turner and Michael Nestor of Underlined Passages release their new album, Tandi My Dicafi, tomorrow, September 15 on Mint 400 Records, and it is a serious winner. In only eight songs, this album delivers a cathartic experience with barely contained emotion, sure to satisfy even the dreariest of moods.

Farewell to the Bomb Shelter

In many ways, the concept of D.I.Y. is what binds this scene together more than anything else.  And I know the obvious response to that is, “Hey jackass, what about music?” But what this scene really means and is about isn’t necessarily the music as an art form in and of itself. The Philharmonic is music; Top 40 is music.  The true defining characteristic of this scene is the do it yourself mentality, the pure creative drive to make what isn’t there and to do so under your own authority.  D.I.Y. has given us more than just the music.  It has given us record labels, publications, festivals, merchandise, venues – and no place in the world feels more like home than a good D.I.Y. venue.  Last weekend marked the end of a good one

Meatlocker 4 Tots

It’s hard to say if it was the empanadas, the toy drive, or the Washington Square Park reunion but one thing is for sure, Saturday December 17th 2016, is a night that will go down as one of those “diamond in the dirt” kind of events that happened in this crazy year. For anyone who made the mistake of missing out The Meatlocker held its second annual Toys for Tots drive, in which they found twice as much success as the year before. Both the money and the toys were all donated to Oasis NJ. Oasis is a Paterson based organization with the mission “to change the lives of women and children by breaking the cycle of poverty through compassionate programs designed to feed, clothe, educate, and empower women and children in need.” It was great to have seen a mountain of toys and know that they are going to a good local organization.

Save the Animals by Shredding the Gallery

Not many things could get me to commute across the George Washington Bridge on a Saturday night, but for a lineup like The Gray Company, Hiroshi Jaguar, Bible Gun, Rita Fishbone, and Whiner (with the added bonus of SAVING THE ANIMALS), I got my ass in the car and hit the road for the 73 See Gallery & Design Studio in Montclair, New Jersey. Major props to Maegan Broccoli for bringing together an amazing group of artists both illustrative and musically inclined. On top of seeing the bands, I was able to acquire a new kitty pin, illustrated by Maegan, that will forever live on my camera bag and remind me of my evening and the animals at the rescue shelter!

Rosey Bengal Takes You on a Ride



Rosey Bengal’s eponymous album is a road trip, on a spooky nighttime ride down misty, winding mountain roads andlonely highways. It’s raining and you’re sad, not because you have anything to be sad about but because it sometimes feels good to be a little sad when it’s rain
ing. And also because Rosey Bengal knows how to make being sad feel so good.