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The Screaming Females and Moor Mother Leave It All On Stage

For as many shows as N.J. Racket has covered in the past couple of months since our inception, it’s unfortunate that Carrie, the site’s invaluable editor, has been unable to attend any of them, as she currently resides in Lancaster, PA in 1693.  Luckily, the indie rock gods smiled down upon us and routed The Screaming Females and Moor Mother’s tour through the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA.  When I realized this, I immediately got Carrie’s husband, a childhood friend of mine, on the phone and demanded that we all go to the show.

We Heard the Women Roar at The Saint

Hear Me Roar Women Artists along with Asbury Park’s The Saint hosted Electric, an all-female rock showcase featuring seven – yeah, friggin seven – of the best female-fronted acts in the area, including Tara Dente, Bone and Marrow, Emily Grove, Ila Minori, Girl, Jane, and Bi Tyrant.  Hear Me Roar is planning a series of events in the greater New Jersey/New York area in an effort to promote and connect women artists, and if you get the chance to check out a show, I highly recommend it based on the wealth of talent we saw at this show.

I Don’t Have a Clever Headline for How Good Vasudeva and The North American Are

This past Saturday, I went down to Asbury Park to catch a show featuring dollys (returning from their tour), Vasudeva, Toy Cars (also back from their tour), and the North American.  Now, at N.J. Racket, we love dollys and Toy Cars, but to be fair, we’ve already written about them a bunch recently, from the Sleeping Patterns album review to the EP release show in New Brunswick and the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival in Jersey City. So, to keep this website from appearing to be solely dedicated to these guys, we are only going to be talking about The North American and Vasudeva. Sorry guys, but you need to share our attention.

Save the Animals by Shredding the Gallery

Not many things could get me to commute across the George Washington Bridge on a Saturday night, but for a lineup like The Gray Company, Hiroshi Jaguar, Bible Gun, Rita Fishbone, and Whiner (with the added bonus of SAVING THE ANIMALS), I got my ass in the car and hit the road for the 73 See Gallery & Design Studio in Montclair, New Jersey. Major props to Maegan Broccoli for bringing together an amazing group of artists both illustrative and musically inclined. On top of seeing the bands, I was able to acquire a new kitty pin, illustrated by Maegan, that will forever live on my camera bag and remind me of my evening and the animals at the rescue shelter!

Toy Cars EP Release in the State’s Best Venue and in Good Company

Toy Cars organized the show in a New Brunswick basement to celebrate the release of their new EP, Sleeping Patterns, which I reviewed last week.  They assembled a lineup of three other incredibly talented and diverse bands to play the show with them: ManDancing, dollys, and Hodera.  I had been looking forward to this show since I saw Toy Cars and dollys perform at the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, so I decided to roll deep and brought two photographers with me (how many friends do you have?) to best capture every second of the action. 

Screaming Females Continue to Thrill in the Garden State

I’ve seen shows in more basements and attics than I can remember.  I’ve seen countless bands whose names I’ve never bothered to note.  I’ve pulled band stickers out from under my couch and had no idea at all where they came from.  I normally know what to expect when I go to a show.  I just hope it’s good.  Sometimes I get lucky and it’s really good, so then I write about it here.  Tonight I left a show and thought to myself, “Holy shit, that might be the greatest show I’ve ever seen.”  That’s what happens when a band the caliber of Screaming Females plays a venue like The Kilkenny Alehouse in Newark.