“I’ll Have Anything But an Everything” Review from Weird and Wonderful Words

Weird and Wonderful Words out of Matawan released their four-track EP, I’ll Have Anything But an Everything, on July 21, recorded and produced by Bear Away Studios and mastered by Timber Studios.

Like dipping a toe into a chilly pool before jumping in, “Boy With the Golden Toe” is a 29-second track that eases the listener in with a dreamy intro before “High Fives All Around” transitions into a five-minute stunner. Going hard for the first half, the melody recedes to clear the way for Anna Lad to perform spoken word over atmospheric guitars and soft percussion. “The air grows stale with time and so do I,” she repeats, the vocals chant after her, and the track fades away gently.


Anticitizen Makes Statement with Promo 2017

Anticitizen, from Hacketstown, NJ, released 2017 Promo back in May.  For a band that has been releasing music since 2013, this two track promo is a statement of reaffirmation of everything this group is about.

As the name would suggest, Anticitizen is an anarchist punk band, and if you believe it, they don’t sound super happy about the state of the world.  The first track, “Bricks Not Ballots,” is a riotous, fast paced ripper with rapid fire vocals that sound like they’re being fired from a machine gun.  


The BarrBarians Are Here to Mess Your Shit Up

The BarrBarians are a fresh new band out of Asbury Park – perhaps you’ve heard of it.  And yes, BarrBarians is spelled with an extra R for extra ROCK, and no I will not apologize for that horrible joke.  You’re here, you knew what you were getting yourself into.  Their debut eponymous album was released back in March of this year.  Of course, N.J. Racket is late to the party, but it’s still better than high school when we wouldn’t have been invited at all.


Moneypenny Releases Debut EP “Bless Your (Demon) Heart”

Last week, Brooklyn singer/ songwriter Jen Florence, under the moniker of Moneypenny, released her fantastic debut solo EP titled Bless Your (Demon) Heart, recorded at Stangeweather Studios.

This is a polished, moody three-track EP that is perfect for some sad-times groovin’. With dolorous guitars and ominous synth, Moneypenny crafts an ethereal sound that sweeps the listener along easily with pulsing certainty.  


Modern Chemistry’s “Everything In Gold” is a Masterpiece

This is the second review of Modern Chemistry I’ve written in the last year. I’ll be the first to tell you I know next to nothing about music (and not much more about anything else), but I do some woodworking in my spare time so I can appreciate genuine craftsmanship and artistry and those two qualities epitomize Modern Chemistry’s new album, Everything in Gold.”

The day this album released, I couldn’t get my headphones in fast enough. I listened to ‘Everything in Gold’ beginning to end twice through that first day and continue to be impressed as I listen to the album. The tone of the band remains the same yet the sound has evolved.


steve. gets Drunk @ Brunch

How much can be said about a four-track, seven-minute EP?  I’m not sure, so let’s find out!  Not long ago, New Brunswick punk emo trio steve. released a new EP titled Drunk @ Brunch as a follow-up to their 2016 EP release, Boo-Shemi.  As in steve. Boo-Shemi.  As in Steve Buscemi.  Are you following along?  Please try to keep up.

Drunk @ Brunch does everything it needs to, despite being only seven minutes long.  The riffs are infectious.  The vocals are catchy and succinct enough to be sang along to.   steve. brings an energy that will get you up and dancing.  You’re something less than human if you can listen to these tunes without bopping your head and at least giving it a little sway, especially for “(Breakfast on) Gerard” with the hard upbeats and loose jangling guitar.  The album artwork itself is perfect for encapsulating the type of chaotic energy of this album.  It’s that type of “fuck it, we’ll clean that up in the morning” carefree.  Although, I’m guessing, since this is Drunk @ Brunch, it’s already the morning.

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