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Ken de Poto Made Me Sad and I’ve Never Been Happier

// Artists // September 13, 2016 // Adam

Ken de Poto was the first artist I saw at the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City, and god damn was it a great way to get things kicked off! de Poto took the stage, and the heavily blues-inspired riffs came wailing out of his guitar.  His music is dark and heavy and kinda crawls in a way that allows you to digest and contemplate the lyrics, which are delivered in such a deliberate way that many songwriters fail to truly achieve.

Now, it may just be because I have near superhuman levels of empathy, but I was really able to feel the pain in de Poto’s vocals on “Why Can’t I Wake Up Next to You?” and “Start Again.” Lines like, “I wonder if you thought of him/When I held you tight/You should take the hand of that faithful man/And tell him where you slept last night” from the song “Free” made me want to sit home alone in the dark wrapped up in a blanket cuddling a bottle of Jameson while listening to his album on repeat, and odds are that the next time I find myself in such a situation, I will probably be listening to this album.

If you think you’d also like to sit home alone and indulge in a state of seemingly endless depression while listening to Ken de Poto’s album Bad Man (and I highly recommend that you do), it is available for download on Bandcamp.

Written by Adam

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